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Megan Macfie Managing Director
Body Cafe Day Spa, Hamilton

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“Converting to Tymwise was a seamless easy process and Sandy and her great team were there to listen and help us all the way. Since coming from a hardware based system, using Tymwise over our 2 clinics and in our head office has improved our booking rate as we can see when there are free appointments at either clinic.

The iphone application helps me constantly stay on top of staff productivity..."

Donna Swart Managing Director
Purely Body Auckland

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“Tymwise is a breeze.  We book up to 4 sessions for one client per week, which means we need a system that can cope with a ‘one-click’ quick recurring booking process, that can be edited easily.  Tymwise has helped us no end.  Free regular upgrades with new features, keeps us up to date with changes in technology as the Tymwise team develop and improve the system. We are encouraged to provide feedback and suggest ideas, which brings benefits every individual business – thanks Sandy!”

Mary Mowbray Managing Director
Dental Hygiene Clinic, Remuera, Auckland

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" It's just great seeing where my business is coming from"

Nicole Beck Business Manager
Uptown Center for Natural Medicine, Port Townsend, Washington,

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“We have a naturopathic medical clinic that offers services to a large number of patients in a number of different States. We went from a paper based booking system to a digital based system and this was a big change for us.
The reason we chose Tymwise as a booking system for our clinic is because of the iPhone App that it has.  It is very convenient for our physicians and therapists to see any changes to their schedules on their iPhone and it also saves them a lot of time not having to contact the administrative staff at our office.
We like the functionality of being able to have multiple people use Tymwise at the same time. ...

Helen Cairns Cemetery and Conservatory Manager
Whangarei District Council, Whangarei
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“We use Tymwise for all our cemetery bookings. Everything from cremations, ash burials, normal burials, unveilings and so on.  What I like about Tymwise is that it takes something that is a relatively complex process for us and standardises it.

Before Tymwise we used to have paper diaries, electronic diaries, notes, memo’s, booking forms, and many other ways of storing our booking information. ...

Rudy Kokx Managing Director
, Auckland

Rudy Kokx

"Hi Sandy, thanks so much for setting up the Tymwise application on our website. Finally we have a measurement system in place that evaluates our business, effectiveness and staff performance. It saves so much time and you can't forget what's going on in the business. Besides all this it gives us the best tool to measure growth, this will make our business worth so much more in the long run if we ever sell it."

Justine Amundsen Managing Director
Amundsen & Amundsen, 24/7 Call Centre

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"Using Tymwise in conjunction with our in-house systems means that we are able to be a part of our clients team and not simply outsourced reception. We are able to see client history, service descriptions and are able to assist the caller with all aspects of our clients service in a personal manner."
"We love using Tymwise because things get done. When we make requests they are always attended to quickly."

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