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Whose the best sales person in your company?..... Not many of us have to be told that it's a satisfied customer.

A satisfied customer comes more often and also tells their friends about you and brings them along too. In other words they really are your BEST mates!

Use the Tymwise tools to reward your best clients for their loyalty and referrals. Tymwise offers VIP plans that enable you to reward your clients with cash points that may be redeemed for products of services. We also have a number of tip sheets for clients to help them create these rewards programs using the built in marketing tools.

Talk to us about setting up referral programs in Tymwise that will see your business grow and make you more money, and how to use them most effectively.
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NZ Loyal is a reloadable Visa Gift Card referral rewards program that is available exclusively to Tymwise users. Its a Visa gift card that goes to your client with your name on the card to remind them where the gift came from. Great branding for your business when they carry this around in their wallet.

Reward the customers who reward you with those valuable referrals. Tymwise manages all the reporting and reward management and you can transfer rewards onto your clients cards directly from your Tymwise Application. Giving your clients a choice is the best possible reward. But you can encourage them to spend those NZ Loyal dollars with you by creating NZ Loyal specials each month in your business which can be purchased using the NZ Loyal Visa Gift Card.

View The video to see how NZ Loyal works

The NZ Loyal Visa gift card is accepted anywhere that Visa is accepted electronically and is currently  available to NZ Tymwise users only
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Tymwise 24 7

There's Just one thing more annoying for a client than getting your answerphone - and that's going through to a call centre that can't help either.

Tymwise 24/7 call centre associated service can take care of this for you. The Tymwise 24/7 expertly trained operators will take your calls and using Tymwise book that appointment immediately - on line and in real time.  How good is that?. A service that looks after your most valuable asset, your customer and fills up your unsold time while you are busy working. >>Contact us for a quote
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Not all of us a great with computers and chances are the thing you're the best at is doing what you do!
That's where we come in.
We are happy to provide you with some tips to get you started - and for some versions we provide online and telephone support. But if you simply want your booking application set up and presented to you all ready to go, then we can do that too. Talk to us about a quote to get you started quickly and make more money faster. It's what we do best!

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Multiple branch quotes

We have plans for the smallest and biggest of
businesses not to mention multiple branches
Its easy to link all your branches in one
application.>>click here for a quote

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