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Features and benefits

What is Tymwise?

Tymwise helps time-based businesses manage their chargeable time more effectively so they can make more money (often a lot more money). Tymwise is the tool that enables you to keep your finger on the time-pulse of your business.
How does it work?

Tymwise is a cloud–based online booking system that allows you and your customers to safely, securely and efficiently book, manage and schedule time. As your business grows you can add additional Tymwise options for even greater control of your service levels and capacity.

Smooth out your revenue spikes - Tymwise will present you with a clear picture of exactly when your busy and slow periods occur, so you can more efficiently plan and manage this time. Use the Tymwise Marketing tools to convert downtime into chargeable time via limited-time marketing campaigns or special offers.

Tymwise ensures your business is open around the clock. Manage and optimise your time from anywhere, anytime and allow your customers to book online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Keep your staff or consultants fully occupied every week, not every other week. Trial Tymwise for 30 days >>

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How will Tymwise help me grow my business?

Tymwise can make that happen and our easy-to-understand reports enable you to quickly identify and utilise the additional capacity you’ve always known was there, but have been able to tap into.
Tymwise helps you to raise service levels and improve productivity:

  • No more double-bookings means happier customers.
  • 24/7 access to your business -  allow your customers to book from wherever they are at their convenience.
  • The Tymwise iPhone app lets you optimise and manage your time remotely. Find your way to your next appointment using the built-in Google Maps link and text or call your client ahead of an appointment to ensure they don’t miss it. Never waste time on ‘no-shows’ again.
  • Business Intelligence and reporting puts you in control by giving you a clear and current view of exactly what time you have available and when.
  • Inventory management of product, equipment and stock – never lose a sale because a product was out-of-stock or specialist equipment or rooms were unavailable.
  • Inspire your workforce to be the best they can be – Productivity and sales reporting enables you to reward your best performers and progressively manage the performance of others.Back to Top

Who's using Tymwise?

Application photos
Health and Wellbeing
Customer management, e-marketing and appointment scheduling
Manage complex treatment room bookings

Beauty Therapy|Hair Salons|Health & Wellness|Physio & Occupational Therapy|Personal Trainers|Dental & Dental Hygiene

Domestic & Commercial Contractors
The perfect booking solution for mobile workforces

Electricians|Plumbers|Home Maintenance|Pick-up & Delivery|Carpet Installation & Care| Cleaning

View all branches from a single application

Slimming & Weight Loss|Health & Beauty|Cleaning|Home Services|Gardening|Automobile Services|Business coaching

Sport and Recreation
Manage several facilities on a single application
Manage multiple courts, fields and sporting facilities

Sports Facilities|Sports Coaches

Simplify complex booking processes and allow users to book on-line

Lecture and Interview Rooms|Teaching Resources
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How do I manage it?
You don’t, we do.
No more 11th hour panic attacks because you, or whoever, forgot to do the daily/weekly backup process. No need to worry about running out of data storage space or whether you’re using the right USB drive – we take care of all that. Your business and booking information will always be secure and current.

Depending on the plan you choose, we’ll provide either online and/or phone support. And, from time-to-time we’ll let you know about updates and new features. You’ll always be using the latest release of Tymwise.Back to Top

If you require more information or have any questions, call us now on 0800 297 333 or if you’re outside New Zealand +64 9 950 3356. Alternatively, you can contact us with your enquiry.  
The best way to learn how you can begin making a faster and more efficient ROI in your time, is to get cracking now with a 30 day free Trial of Tymwise >>

Multiple branch quotes

We have plans for the smallest and biggest of
businesses not to mention multiple branches
Its easy to link all your branches in one
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